Spider-Man: Homecoming

For the first time, you can suit up as Spider-Man and see what it’s like to be the world’s favorite superhero.

The Lab

Fix a robot, defend a castle, adopt a mechanical dog, and more!

Job Simulator

Become a Gourmet Chef, Car Mechanic, Office Worker, or Store Clerk.

Goalie Challenge VR

Feel the whizz of the puck fly by your skull in this fun and fast-paced goalie VR simulator for HTC Vive.

Google Earth VR

Take a look at our world in a whole new way. Fly to space to look upon the world we live in...


Destinations lets you explore both real and imaginary places in virtual reality with friends.

VRchaeology: Prologue

Equipped with your archaeological tools and a bit of TNT, you’re on the hunt for treasure!

Titanic VR

From the award-winning studio that brought you Apollo 11 VR, prepare to experience the world's most famous ship as never before.

The VR Museum of Fine Art

Explore the Second Floor of the Museum! Explore a virtual museum in room-scale VR: see famous sculptures in full, 1:1 scale and see famous p


Fantasynth is an audio-reactive experience designed for Virtual Reality and lasting 7 minutes.Glide through a procedurally populated environ

Ping Pong League

Test your ping pong skills against a friend or computer. Keep playing until you perfect new techniques to take on your opponent.

Skeet: VR Target Shooting

Take your shooting abilities to the next level. Shoot targets located all the way around you with your choice of weapon.

Don't Blink

Don't Blink is a super scary escape game. You must run away from these clowns while keeping eyes on every single one of them. Good luck!


Blueshift is a flying game where you use wings to fly in large open atmospheres.

Boxing Saga

Boxing Saga is a High Intensity boxing game. You will work up a sweat and you may even get Knocked Out!


Climbey is VR Parkour racing experience. Race your friends or the time to the finish line. You can even design your own courses!

Acan's Call

Acan's Call is an amazing adventure that can be enjoyed many times over. Adventure though the caves and fight your way to freedom!

Rec Room

Rec Room has so many Mini Games for you and your friends to explore. Jumbo-Tron is our Wednesday Family Night Special.

Light Strike

Tron Disk Throwing Multiplayer Combat! Made possible by LightStrike VR

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