Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Reality? (VR)

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated environment that lets you explore almost anything you can imagine. This is not sitting on couch at home. With a VR headset and motion controls, you have to physically interact with the world around you. This means you can traverse and interact with incredible landscapes. Become the super hero you have always wanted to be. Play any sport you want any time of year. People of all ages are coming together at VR1.

How does the pricing work?

We just charge by the headset. This means you get rent a headset for however much time you would like. We have 4 chairs and a table for you to use, so sharing a headset is always possible. Please visit our pricing page for details on options.

Im not a gamer, will I be lost?

Virtual Reality is designed for everyone. We have helped people from ages 7-93 get into VR. Many experiences are as simple as watching a movie, while others will make you sore the next day and take you hours to master. Our hosts will walk you through the entire VR setup and introductory process, so you will not feel left alone. Then, they will recommend content based on what you want to explore.

How do I book a session at VR1 Arcade?

Just Call or Text and we will try to find the time that works for you.

You can also use our online reservation software. But if you want to pay cash or have gift cards then just Call, Text or Email.

We also welcome walk ins. But due to high demand, we recommend making a reservation.

What Hardware does VR1 have?

We use the HTC Vive. To Power this we have custom built gaming PCs featuring GTX 1080 Graphics and Intel Processors which allows for Full Room Tracking. Still to this day our new clients are amazed when they can actually reach out and grab a virtual object. 

We can also set you up with your own VR Headset for home or at your company. Many companies are finding ways to use this tech at their office. And families are finding space in their house for a station that the whole family can use!

Just email us for more information: 

Can we play multiplayer if we get 2 Headsets?

We have many Multiplayer Experiences to choose from. Using our 5 Stations we have the ability to put 5 players in the same game at the same time. We can also use the headsets microphones and get everyone in your party or family in the same chat. So even if you are not in the same game you can still hangout with each other!

Are there any age restrictions?

At VR1, we welcome all ages, young to old. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who can sign Terms and Conditions in-person on behalf of the minor. 

What types of experiences or games does VR1 have?

Everything is possible at VR1. Entertainment has never been so easy. With over 200 options in store we can find exactly what you want. Movies, every single sport from racket ball to disk golf to paintball. There are Educational experiences that take you to another planet or inside the body. We have fitness based games that are meant to raise your heart rate and burn calories. 

There is so much content for Virtual Reality right now and it is only growing. If you think we should get something or if you see something that is new or old and we missed it then just let us know and we will look into getting the game into our store.

Can I save my progress on campaign based games?

Use your own Steam account to sign in and save progress and earn rewards. Buy games at home and play them here at the store. Link up with your friends and more!

Just ask a staff member to sign into your account before you play!

How do I book a Field Trip, Event or Corporate party?

Companies use VR1 as a great team bonding exercise, schools and tech programs host Field trips and classes here, and families have a new fun place to host birthdays or parties.


Bring outside food and drink and celebrate with us! Just give us a Call, Text or Email and we will customize the order. We will have a dedicated VR1 Team Member to help you and your group. 

Any physical limitations to Virtual Reality?

The optimal Virtual Reality experience requires guests to move their entire body, but we can accommodate most skill, mobility and cognitive levels for a range of guests, and our facility is wheelchair accessible. We have helped people with all ranges of body limitations, stress or anxiety, autism, social skills, and even if you are partially or fully paralyzed, we have found relaxing Virtual Reality Videos or Music Experiences to be effective. The whole family can now come together in one place.

However, be sure to consult your doctor before using any Virtual Reality equipment if you have pre-existing serious medical conditions (such as a heart ailment or epilepsy). Should you feel uneasy or nauseous at any point, please take off the headset and inform a VR1 host immediately.