Step Beyond all dimensions at VR1 and explore just about anything you can imagine. With over 100 different experiences, VR1 is the modern day arcade. But now you are living the experience yourself. Prepare to jump into realistic worlds and explosive visuals. You might even work up a sweat! It's fun for the whole family and a great way to stay active and social!

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Hurry, the future is waiting for you!

What is VR?

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Your body is now the controller. We are proud to be hosting the worlds first VR Competitions. Win money and prizes on league nights. Think you have what it takes?


Now ushering in the new wave of full scale movies. This is not just 3D or 4D. You will be part of the movie and in the action. The movie needs you to continue on.


We partnered with the local schools and programs to bring you exclusive education and training programs. Anatomy, Physics, Astrology, History, and more.


Travel and visit the places in your dreams. Go around the world and even other worlds in minutes. Plan your trips with your family or go to places like Mars and Everest.


The future of working out is here. Burn nearly 700 calories an hour with this unique workout program. Enjoy your favorite sports year round.


VR1 Staff provides a clean and safe environment for your loved ones while you work at the table or play VR in the station next to them. Filter to kid friendly content only.


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