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In 1964 the black rock mine in Yokon was closed due to a landslide, people and gold were lost forever inside it. Your only hope is to get the elevator working!

Deserving Life is a room-scale virtual reality escape game developed by students in the Media Technology and Design program at the Hagenberg Campus

Directionless is an experimental Virtual Reality horror game. It tries out a variety of ways of using Virtual Reality to unnerve and disorient the player.

Immerses you in a terrifying realistic environment with haunting atmosphere, and the need to survive.

"Tales of Escape" is a series of 6 person multiplayer escape room adventures.

Don't Blink is a super scary escape game. You must run away from these clowns while keeping eyes on every single one of them. Good luck!

Nevrosa VR is one of the scariest and most challenging VR Escape room style game.

Emily Wants To Play is the one of the Scariest Horror Experiences in the world!

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Tales of Escape - The Mine

June 4, 2019

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