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Light Strike
An opponent and you go head to head throwing disks at each other and protecting yourself from getting hit. Who can be named the champion?
Boxing Saga
Hands at the ready! You have already won your gold belt and must do anything to protect it, box and dodge til you can’t anymore. You will break a sweat and through fists with computer generated opponents.
Racket: Nx
Racket: Nx is an Arcade Space Sport. It's a high paced, psychedelic, and competitive AF. Some say it's like playing rackquet-ball inside a giant pinball machine, with classic arcade game rules and styling. Not us, though. We don't like fun.
Fancy Skiing VR
Fancy Skiing is developed by HashVR Studio built with the Unity Engine.The game's structure is based on real skiing that players use the handles just as ski poles to get power and lean left or right to control the direction, which brings players a strong immersion.
Hot Squat
Welcome to Flynn Fitness, home of the Hot Squat. Prepare to undergo a rigorous test to not only your legs, but also your will to do as many squats as you possibly can. Compete against your friends, yourself, and the world to get the highest squat count.
Cloudlands : VR Minigolf
A VR minigolf experience taking you to a beautifully landscaped course high above the clouds. Single player, online and local multiplayer, and a course editor allow you to build, share, and play other user created holes. No swing or power meters here, simply swing the club to play.
NVIDIA® VR Funhouse
Step right up to VR Funhouse and enter a virtual carnival full of fun and games. Be an archer with flaming arrows. Test your skill shooting skeet targets blasted from a cannon. See how many moles you can punch, whack, and much more.
The Lab
Fix a robot, defend a castle, adopt a mechanical dog, and more! The Lab offers different activities using different tools. Use your bow and arrow to defend your castle from stick figures, or control your spaceship from getting hit.
Goalie Challenge VR
Feel the whizz of the puck fly by your skull in this fun and fast-paced goalie VR simulator for HTC Vive.
Fully immersive with surround sound and haptic vibration for a realistic hockey experience.
Ping Pong League
Test your ping pong skills against a friend or computer. Keep playing until you perfect new techniques to take on your opponent.
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VR Super Sports
Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Archery, Go-Karts, Boxing, Bowling, and even clay pigeon shooting!
Treehouse Basketball
Shoot free throws or play a quick 30 second timed challenge and see how many baskets you can sink!
Skeet: VR Target Shooting
Take your shooting abilities to the next level. Shoot targets located all the way around you with your choice of weapon.
Through this breathtaking climbing simulator, you can climb as high as your heart's desire, or fall into an abyss and re-spawn back to where you started, this game gives you the chance to climb, slide, and jump through levels perfect for competitions with your closest friends.
Rec Room
Get to know people all across the world with being able to talk with them and join activities such as paintball, shield soccer, disk golf, and many more lifelike activities.
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